Thoughts on the Intersection of Music and Tech

What’s the best way to start using

You’ve created a account and you’re ready to dive in — but where to start? Well, step #1 is usually to set a primary goal. (If you’re unsure, I have a suggestion below). You can use’s suite of online marketing tools to: Grow … Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Successful Music Marketing Campaign

Last year was acquired by CD Baby, the world’s leading online distributor of independent music. CD Baby has made’s suite of marketing tools available to all their clients for FREE. The following tips were written for CD Baby artists as an introduction to … Continue reading

Growth Hacking Your Fanbase: Tips for Independent Artists

Every artist and their grandma understands that, aside from the music itself, their online presence is the cornerstone of their career. Strong online platforms allow artists to develop genuine relationships with existing fans and consistently bring in new ones. Of course building your following and … Continue reading

YouTube for Indie Artists: Part Two

Last week, we looked at the process of preparing a successful YouTube video (you can read it here). If you’ve already seen it, then great. This week’s guide will focus more on launching your video with a strong impact. So, you have your video and … Continue reading

YouTube for Indie Artists: Part One

  Music videos are more important than ever when it comes to introducing your band to the world! The low cost of creating serviceable visual content (music videos, vlogs, etc.) paired with the popularity of streaming platforms (YouTube, Vevo, Facebook) has not only made videos … Continue reading

Grow your playlists the smart way

Over the past year, while we’ve been hard at work on, we’ve been quietly updating the Soundrop playlists in Spotify. What began as a pet project has grown into something…more substantial. Today we have more than 66 public playlists in Spotify with almost 1 … Continue reading

Run better contests with Social Unlock

With’s Social Unlock campaign, you can put a Spotify Follow, YouTube Subscribe, SoundCloud Follow or Twitter Follow in front of almost any content on the web. With that kind of flexibility, we were excited to see what kinds of campaigns people would run. Not … Continue reading