Thoughts on the Intersection of Music and Tech

Music Marketing Webinar

 Live Webinar: Ask a Music Marketer   Want to learn about marketing your music from the experts? Check out our latest music marketing webinar where we answered questions from users just like you! We covered topics from NFTs (We recommend treating them like any … Continue reading

We need to talk about video views…

We need to talk about video views. Releasing video content is an essential part of a musician’s marketing strategy. In 2020, YouTube announced that 2 billion of its users stream music content every month1. On top of that, short-form video platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, … Continue reading

Sneak Preview: Inside Intel on the Best Ad Setups!

Sneak Preview: Inside Intel on the Best Ad Setups! When it comes to advertising, benchmarks are your best friend. Benchmarks tell us what to expect from an ad, and how to adjust if we’re not getting the expected results. We want to make sure that you’re … Continue reading Webinar: Fireside Chat with Marketing Experts Webinar: Fireside Chat with Marketing Experts Have you ever wanted a marketing expert to answer questions about all things music promotion?   Great news – our latest webinar is just that opportunity. We’re inviting 2 marketing experts to a Fireside Chat (Hosted by Yours … Continue reading

4 Creative Ways to Use Campaigns & Ad Builder

Need some marketing inspiration? Here are 4 creative ways to Use Campaigns & Ad Builder Connect your Ad Builder campaign to a Social Unlock, Pre-Save, or other campaigns Connecting campaigns allows you to gather even more information about your fans. By connecting campaigns, … Continue reading

How to Market Music During the Holidays

    Ready for some marketing intel? The holiday season is a key time to market your music – even if you don’t have a holiday release. The trick is cutting through all the holiday noise! You’ve got to come prepared. It may seem daunting … Continue reading

Are you spending too much on music video ad space?

  When we think about ad space, it’s easy to fall into the “view trap”. That’s when we evaluate our ad service providers by potential views. It’s not always obvious, but many marketplaces that put emphasis on video views are able to define their own parameters … Continue reading

What’s the best way to start using

You’ve created a account and you’re ready to dive in — but where to start? Well, step #1 is usually to set a primary goal. (If you’re unsure, I have a suggestion below). You can use’s suite of online marketing tools to: Grow … Continue reading