4 Creative Ways to Use Show.co Campaigns & Ad Builder

Need some marketing inspiration? Here are 4 creative ways to Use Show.co Campaigns & Ad Builder

Connect your Ad Builder campaign to a Show.co Social Unlock, Pre-Save, or other campaigns

Connecting Show.co campaigns allows you to gather even more information about your fans. By connecting campaigns, you can track:

  • Incoming traffic
  • How many visitors completed your call to action
  • Where they’re located
  • Even their contact information.

Knowing this info means you can keep in contact with your user and keep them familiar with you and your music. 

Find out your potential fan’s interests

In your Show.co Ad Builder reports you can look through the websites on which your ad was served. What sites got you THE MOST clicks? Was it a cooking blog, a news site, a specific app? This gives you an idea of where people who are interested in your music spend their time. You can use this information to run social ads targeting people with those same interests, or simply to talk to your fans about your shared interests. 

Use a Show.co Campaign to run a contest – and have people share it! 

Running contests and giveaways online can be a great way to engage your current fans – and get new ones! You can run a contest through our Show.co campaigns that allow for email capture! The prize can be anything, a video call, a signed CD, that new merch you’re getting ready to premier – the options are limitless! In some cases, you can even offer extra entries for joining your mailing list or following you on your site of choice. Remember! You’ll always want to come up with contest terms (and link them in our “terms” section), and research what social media sites allow. Here are some handy links to check out! Facebook Promotions Guidelines, Instagram Promotions Guidelines, YouTube Contest Policies, Twitter Guidelines for Promotions, TikTok Advertising Policies.

Use Email for Download for ongoing mailing list growth

Keep your mailing list growing by featuring an email for download campaign from Show.co on your website or socials! You can instantly offer an incentive for users to join and can edit your images and incentive whenever you’d like (keeping that visual branding consistent!). Email for download is a great way to capture those new fans who discovered you through your Ad Builder ad, and keep them engaged with any new content you have coming their way!

Rebecca is the Director of Operations at Show.co. Rebecca has worked in various capacities in the music industry, from client services to digital operations. She comes from a remote island in Alaska, but could not see Russia from her house. She loves spreadsheets, metadata, and underground hip hop.

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