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Sound Cloud

Spread your SoundCloud track to the masses. Use this to grow your stream count and gain more SoundCloud followers.

Great for:

  • Showcasing your track
  • Growing your SoundCloud subscribers
  • Embedding on a partner website


A beautiful showcase for your YouTube video. Use this to grow your view count and channel subscribers.

Great for:

  • Showcasing your video clip
  • Growing your YouTube subscribers
  • Increasing your YouTube views

Email For Download

Grow your mailing list by giving away something for your fans to download. Experiment, get creative and get those emails.

Great for:

  • Collecting emails
  • Gaining more fan data
  • Engaging your fanbase

Social Unlock

Gain more social followers by placing a social media follow unlock in front of almost anything on the web.

Great for:

  • Running contests
  • Growing your social followers
  • Adding an unlock to any site

Conversion Cards

How can you turn fan engagement into real results? Try Conversion Cards. Unique to our YouTube and SoundCloud campaigns, Conversion Cards prompt listeners to add their email to your newsletter list, follow your profile on social media, get tickets to a concert near them and much, much more.


Our analytics cut through the noise to show you the most important results from your campaign. Updated instantly.

Advanced Segmentation (Gold plans and above)

Use our advanced segmentation to gain real understanding about your fans in real-time. Go beyond the basics and see how different conversions perform based on fan location, device and other factors.


(Gold plans and above)

Add remarketing pixels from any provider and build pools of fans who have engaged with your campaigns.