Are you spending too much on music video ad space?


When we think about ad space, it’s easy to fall into the “view trap”. That’s when we evaluate our ad service providers by potential views. It’s not always obvious, but many marketplaces that put emphasis on video views are able to define their own parameters for what a view is. This means services can artificially inflate your results, making your ads look like they performed better than they did. In a recent experiment by the Ads team, we found that some networks will count a view as short as 1 second with sound off.  If you’re falling for the view trap, you might be spending too much on music video ad space.


Views are important, but the surefire way to miss out on views is to miss out on impressions. That’s why our ad network focuses on CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), rather than views. Think of your ad as a roadside billboard – you have to rent the space to get your message out there. And when you’re renting space, you want to be on the lookout for the most cost-effective spot to get the most eyes on your ad. That’s where comes in! 

With Interactive Ads, you an embed your music video right into your ad, which is served to the most engaged music fans on the Internet. You can advertise on premium music websites like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Billboard or on cost effective, high traffic sites like World Star Hip Hop and IndieWire. You can set up your ad in just a few seconds! 


example of music video embed with

Interactive Ad with a Video Embed


With our network, you’re paying less for more impressions, and we have the numbers to prove it. 

Based on our cost per impression benchmarks, users are getting:


1.9x the impressions for their spend than Facebook Ads

6.7x the impressions for their spend than Instagram Ads

14.8x the impressions for their spend than Premium direct

16.9x the impressions for their spend than Google Ads


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Comparisons are based on the average CPM of Ad Builder ads in January & February 2021 compared to Ad Stage’s Q1 2020 advertising benchmarks for Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Google Search Ad. Premium averages are based on observed  averages from major label deals on premium publisher sites. Remember! Ad results can vary and  impressions / CPM are not guaranteed. 

Rebecca is the Director of Operations at Rebecca has worked in various capacities in the music industry, from client services to digital operations. She comes from a remote island in Alaska, but could not see Russia from her house. She loves spreadsheets, metadata, and underground hip hop.

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