Sneak Preview: Inside Intel on the Best Ad Setups!

Sneak Preview: Inside Intel on the Best Ad Setups!

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When it comes to advertising, benchmarks are your best friend. Benchmarks tell us what to expect from an ad, and how to adjust if we’re not getting the expected results. We want to make sure that you’re choosing the best setup for your Ad Builder Ads, so at the beginning of every year, we evaluate every single ad campaign that ran on the year before to give you some guidelines for how to maximize your results. We’ve been busy crunching the numbers and want to give you a sneak preview of some of the best-performing ad types for your goals!


Maximize Your Spend for Clicks: 


Looking to get the most clicks for your buck? The best ad type for you is an Interactive Discovery Ad.


Our average cost per click for a Discovery Ad is 69% cheaper than Facebook’s cost for similar campaign types and 80% Cheaper than Instagram’s. 


While our average cost per click for any banner size is that low, by choosing our 300×250 banner size you maximize your savings and drop your cost per click by another 24% on average.


Maximize Your Spend for Branding


If you’re looking to get your name recognized, a Premium Interactive Ad is best for you. Get your music associated with like Pitchfork, Billboard, Rolling Stone, BrooklynVegan and get 78% more sets of eyes for your spend on your ad than going direct.


If you’re looking for even more eyes for your spend, our 300×250 banner size can help you maximize that reach, by lowering your cost per impression by 33% on average!


Results based on an evaluation of completed 2021 ad runs compared to observed industry averages. CPC’s are compared to Instagram & Facebook’s average CPC for video view campaigns (the most similar ad inventory to Interactive Ads) for the week of 1/17/2022. CPMs are compared to observed industry offers at Premium Music Publisher. As always, ad results can vary  and are not guaranteed.

Rebecca is the Director of Operations at Rebecca has worked in various capacities in the music industry, from client services to digital operations. She comes from a remote island in Alaska, but could not see Russia from her house. She loves spreadsheets, metadata, and underground hip hop.

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