With Show.co you can easily

  • Launch a Spotify pre-save campaign
  • Grow your social following
  • Reach new listeners with Spotify audio ads
  • Premiere a YouTube video
  • Build your email list
  • Reward your fans

Our most effective campaign types

Spotify pre-save

Show.co is the first to offer free pre-save campaigns for indie artists. Get your fans to save your music on Spotify before it’s released and spike your early streaming activity!

YouTube Premiere

Feature your newest YouTube video on a page where you control the experience. Boost your view count and grow your social and Spotify followings, email list, and more.

Audience Builder

Gain followers on social platforms, Spotify, YouTube, grow your email list, and more by placing a “gate” in front of almost anything on the web. Reward your fans and grow your audience at the same time.

Don't break through the noise. Get rid of it.

Broadcast your message loud and clear!

The internet is a cluttered place. Show.co makes it easy to send your fans to an attractive, focused landing page where they’re asked to take specific action so you can deepen engagement, distraction free.

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What Show.co clients are saying

“It is great to have a tool like Show.co to use on campaigns like this. It allows us to keep the focus on the music while building in different elements to suit our goals at that time, whether that is driving email signups, click throughs, Spotify Follows or ticketing for local live dates.”

— Tom Packer, digital lead for Röyksopp

“Show.co is the most efficient music marketing platform. Easy-to-use, I launched many successful campaigns for Eminem, Lana Del Rey, etc. The UI is really smart for promoting content, engaging consumers and acquiring new leads. This solution offers high performance to drive traffic to online stores and streaming platforms.”

— Damien Fischetti, Digital Strategist, Polydor