Thoughts on the Intersection of Music and Tech

Run better contests with Social Unlock

With’s Social Unlock campaign, you can put a Spotify Follow, YouTube Subscribe, SoundCloud Follow or Twitter Follow in front of almost any content on the web. With that kind of flexibility, we were excited to see what kinds of campaigns people would run. Not … Continue reading

Social unlock made easy

Some months ago we introduced the world to the Spotify follow gate, a great tool to help grow Spotify followers by unlocking exclusive content. Today we’re unveiling the next step – social unlocking. Social unlocks are a better, more flexible way to grow your followers … Continue reading

Copy your campaign and other updates

We’re constantly at work building new things for And a few new things arrived just now. Let’s dig right in. If you’ve made a campaign that worked well, don’t start from scratch on your next one. Just click the Duplicate button when you hover … Continue reading