Run better contests with Social Unlock

With’s Social Unlock campaign, you can put a Spotify Follow, YouTube Subscribe, SoundCloud Follow or Twitter Follow in front of almost any content on the web. With that kind of flexibility, we were excited to see what kinds of campaigns people would run. Not surprisingly, many opted to run contests. “Follow on Spotify for your chance to win…”.

Today we released two updates to make using the Social Unlock in this capacity much easier.

1. You can now add a link to Terms and Conditions, which users will have to accept before being entered into a contest. This should please the lawyers in the crowd.

2. We now extract an email when people follow on Spotify. This makes it easier for you to contact a contest winner with the good news.

Although not related to the social unlock, you might notice that Conversion Cards appear even faster on our YouTube, SoundCloud and Secure Audio campaigns. We’re always at work to find more ways to bring you conversions.

But why take our word for it? Head over to your Backstage to start building a Social Unlock contest. Not a user? Sign up here and start getting more of the fan conversions that matter. It’s free.

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