Social unlock made easy

Some months ago we introduced the world to the Spotify follow gate, a great tool to help grow Spotify followers by unlocking exclusive content. Today we’re unveiling the next step – social unlocking.

Social unlocks are a better, more flexible way to grow your followers on Spotify, Twitter, YouTube or SoundCloud. Our social unlock campaign creates a landing page that encourages the fan to give a Spotify follow, Twitter follow, YouTube subscribe or SoundCloud follow in exchange for either a message or a redirect to another site. That site could be your band’s website, an unlisted YouTube video, another campaign – practically anything.

We see this as a great way to run contests, since you’ll receive a CSV containing the IDs and location (city, country) of each fan who completed the unlock. You can easily determine prize winners and message them on the relevant platforms. This is exactly what Lamb of God is doing right now with their social unlock campaign.

You might be thinking to yourself ‘but what if my fans don’t want to follow me on Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube?’ Not to worry, we thought of that. Once you select the specific follow action you want to target, you can also give fans the option to unlock using their email instead.

In just four short steps, you’ll have your social unlock campaign up and running. It’s available for EP subscription plans or higher, but also for everyone on a free trial. Why not take it for a test drive today?

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