Uptown Funk’s gonna unlock it for ya

One of the most valuable digital “currencies” available in the music industry today is a Spotify follow. When a user follows a Spotify playlist, artist or user, they opt in to receive notifications about what they’re following. Notifications in turn lead to higher engagement. And of course higher engagement leads to higher revenues. Most importantly, playlists that you follow are now in “your own Spotify”, the things you listen to every day. It’s the Holy Grail of music marketing.

So it’s no surprise that we’re always trying to find new ways of helping Show.co users gain Spotify follows. Today we become the first marketing platform to allow gating by Spotify follow. In other words, you can ask visitors to follow a Spotify playlist, artist or user in order to unlock content.

Show.co campaigns featuring email unlocking have been wildly successful. In a recent interview with this blog, Polydor France noted that an email gated campaign for Tokio Hotel captured emails from 50% of the unique visitors. By setting up additional conversion cards and action buttons, Polydor could acquire even more fan conversions AFTER the email gate was passed.

We believe that the Spotify Follow gate will prove just as effective. To let you see it for yourself, try it with this campaign we made for our Soundrop Pop playlist. To paraphrase Bruno Mars – “Don’t believe us? Unlock!

Getting started

You’ll find the Spotify Follow under Gating in the Setup tab. In just a few minutes, your Spotify Follow unlock campaign will be up and running.

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