The Future of Discovering and Sharing Music

The digital music marketing landscape is constantly evolving.

The ways in which your content is consumed and monetized have multiplied, and the attention span of the average music fan is shorter than ever. How can you keep on top of these trends, and stay ahead of the pack?


We asked these questions and more to our CEO Jørn Haanæs in the following Q&A.

What inspired the launch of

We created a social listening app called Soundrop (it’s still the company name) where people could listen to music together and chat with their friends. We started inviting artists to join these Soundrop rooms and quickly became the essential place to hold listening events in Spotify and Deezer. We noticed that labels and artists wanted Soundrop to do things that it wasn’t designed to do. So we started trying to fix that.

Ultimately we realized we could provide an entire set of tools to help labels and artists of all sizes launch very effective, beautiful marketing activations that are easy to build (and easy on the wallet too!).

How has the digital landscape changed, for artists in particular, in the last few years?

You need look no further than the rise of streaming. So much ink is spilled lamenting the small payouts artists receive, but it’s not the full picture. First, modern contracts will ensure artists receive a larger percentage of the streaming pie. That problem will disappear.

But moreover, streaming has transformed the way artists sell their music. It’s no longer about transaction selling. Now you can monetize ongoing engagement. It’s a radically different approach and one that will scale as streaming services grow. It’s a great time to build a fanbase in these streaming services.

How is changing the way artists communicate with their fans?

Today, we have more things that pull on our attention. And attention spans are decreasing as we get used to having whatever we want at our fingertips. is all about presenting a simple, clean experience that captures attention and turns it into something tangible for the artist, like a fan’s email address or a Spotify follow. Now you’re building a fanbase that you can engage.

For a lot of our campaigns, the only thing you see at first is a Play button. So there’s only one thing to click. Once you click it, then the magic happens. You see conversion cards, which are designed to get clicks. For instance, you want someone to follow you on Spotify. Do you tell them to follow you first? No, you let them experience your music and then give them the option. A lot of music marketing is designed to make the fan give something first. We have tools for that too, but most of our campaigns are designed to reduce friction and let fans engage with your music first.

What benefit does give to the fan experience of listening and discovering new music?

Everything starts with discovery. For discovery to work, it needs to be simple and easy. If I’ve never heard of an artist, don’t ask me to do something before I have the chance to experience what the artist is all about.

Demi Lovato campaign with
It’s important that campaigns work where the listener is, right in the moment. For example, our campaigns create a Twitter card so people can hear your music right in Twitter without having to click away. They see your conversion cards there too. Let’s keep it simple so people can discover your music and take the actions you want them to take. allows users access to fan analytics; why are analytics important to artists and how can they use this data to their advantage?

If you’re not taking advantage of analytics in each system then you’re losing out and falling behind. But you have to keep it simple. You can get lost in a sea of data. So we try to show you what you need but nothing more.

For instance, you can see immediately where traffic to your campaign comes from. If you get a lot of visits from Twitter, consider setting up a campaign just to use our Twitter card functionality. If the conversion card for your Spotify followers converts very well, perhaps you should shuffle the order of your conversion cards to take advantage.

Our analytics will give you insights into how your fans engage with your content, so you can make new campaigns that take advantage of that information. Suddenly your campaign has a lot of visitors from Norway? Maybe it’s time to reach out to some blogs there to get your music profiled.

Over time, using our tool to get consistent, small wins is the best way to grow a fan base, because overtime those small tweaks will aggregate into something much much bigger.


In the coming months, on this space, you will find a series of blogs outlining exactly how to maximize fan engagement and growth through the creation of simple, effective digital activations on Stay tuned!

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