Thoughts on the Intersection of Music and Tech

Follow a Spotify Playlist? Now you can.

Earlier this week, Spotify announced long-awaited Web API support for following playlists. We were especially glad to see this since we’ve told everyone who asked that will support it as soon as it was available. So now we’re making good on our promise. In … Continue reading

A conversation with Darren Hemmings

Darren Hemmings is the founder of Motive Unknown, a strategic digital marketing consultancy that works with Moby, Alt-J and the BBC among many others. He also publishes the Daily Digest, a must-read for professionals in the music tech space. In this interview, he shares his … Continue reading

Heavy Hearts

Spotify recently informed app developers that, with the introduction of the new desktop version of Spotify, the App Finder and its apps will be removed. It was a difficult decision but, as a result, we’ve decided to end the existing Soundrop service on December 31, … Continue reading

Copy your campaign and other updates

We’re constantly at work building new things for And a few new things arrived just now. Let’s dig right in. If you’ve made a campaign that worked well, don’t start from scratch on your next one. Just click the Duplicate button when you hover … Continue reading

Shiny, new analytics for

Shiny, new analytics for Building a dashboard is easy. Building a great dashboard is hard work. That’s why the team is extremely proud to show the new Analytics tab. No more manual segmentation. All key activations available at a glance. Log in and see … Continue reading

New features and pricing

We first rolled out five weeks ago, and we haven’t taken a break since! As we’ve been working with labels, artists, and managers to test the product, we’ve gotten some great feedback, and we’ve been listening. For instance, one label asked us to require … Continue reading

Welcome to!

Hey friends! We’ve been working hard on something new. As you know by now, our mission is to support musicians and help them connect with their fans. Now, we’re introducing a brand new way for artists to engage, activate, and convert their fans — … Continue reading