Grow your playlists the smart way

Over the past year, while we’ve been hard at work on, we’ve been quietly updating the Soundrop playlists in Spotify. What began as a pet project has grown into something…more substantial. Today we have more than 66 public playlists in Spotify with almost 1 million total followers. That’s not too shabby so we thought the time was right to share it with the world. Head over to to find your favorite playlists from the old days of Soundrop, now lovingly curated by our team.

But you might notice something else. All of our playlists are available in Spotify, Deezer and YouTube. How did we do that? Simple: today we also released the beta of Playlist Sync, which does what the name implies. It takes Spotify playlists and synchronizes them with Deezer and YouTube. Now your great taste in music can be available everywhere (almost). And when you update your playlist in Spotify, those updates appear across services. We think it’s perfect for curators.

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