Five Ways to Integrate Playlisting into your Digital Marketing Campaign

So you have a new track and you’re ready to release it. Great work! What’s your game plan?

There are many marketing avenues for you to map out before you’re ready to release, and each one is just as important as the next. In fact, it’s the decisions you make right now that will either launch your career to new heights, or simply simmer away into obscurity.

Out of the many avenues you are strategizing when it comes to launching your song, one you must consider spending some time on is the phenomenon of Playlisting – which simply refers to a list of songs compiled to represent a certain mood, genre, or event. Playlists are how music fans are discovering most of their new music these days, thanks to the current boom of streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Songza, and Pandora. In fact, Spotify users find, on average, 26 new artists a month through the platform. That’s pretty cool.

Playlisting is a bit of a wild west right now (read: all over the place). There are curators who work for the streaming companies in house, and their job is to churn out lists day-in and day-out. Bloggers and tastemakers craft lists in their basements and bedrooms, some of which have taken off and gotten very popular. There are radio stations and magazines that are now taking to streaming platforms as a way to extend their brand and be more social. We could go on, but what exactly does this mean for you? When it comes down to it, it means you have equal opportunity to get your music featured, one way or another.

How you ask? Here’s 5 quick tips to help get you started:

#1 – Set up your Accounts and Make Them Beautiful

First and foremost, make sure to set up all of your artist accounts, on each of your target platforms, and make sure they are up to date with your current photo, links, and bio. Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time to start populating your account; not only with your own music, but also with music you like and listen to. That shows you’re part of the community. Next, share your artist pages on social media, on your website, and through newsletters, and encourage your fans to go and follow you on their platform of choice!

#2 – Start Following On-genre Playlists

So you’re a funk soul band? No problem! There’s about 900 playlists for you to follow, and tastemakers with a special focus on that area just for you. Go and track down the leading playlists in your genre and start following and interacting with them. Get a feel for what they like and make a point to understand who holds influence in your genre, genuinely be interested in what they are posting about. Our recommendation? Checking out their playlists will help learn a thing or two about who the right people are to approach! Subscribe or follow them through your band account! And perhaps even send a note every once in a while to say you loved their latest list!

#3 – Reach out to Influencers in Advance of Launching a New Song

Everyone likes something fresh! Before your song goes public on the streaming platforms, send a personal note with a private link to the new track to your target playlist curators. Some of these may be tastemakers, media, or simply regular Joes who curate great lists. You can track them down through the platform OR research and send them an email. For targeting playlists that are curated by the platform, research and find the “Artist Liaison” contacts for the streaming platforms in your region. Each streaming platform office has a few. Grab their contacts and reach out to them, asking for suggestions on who you can send your music to, to be considered for the playlist genre that best fits your music. Send short and concise emails with clear links to the music, as well as info on what lists you are targeting. Give them some brief background on the band and where you’re going!

#4 – Build Solid Relationships with these Contacts

Once you’ve found some like-minded curators, keep track of these contacts. These champions of your music will grow alongside you for years to come, stay in touch and make sure to engage with them each time you release a new track. Invite these people out to shows when you’re in their market and aim to build genuine relationships with them! Ask them for feedback on new material before it gets released and bring them into your band’s family.

Always also make sure to share the love. When you get featured on a playlist by one of these lovely people be sure to shout out on your social platforms to thank them! For extra bonus points, you could even promote a Facebook post, or buy an ad on Twitter or Facebook, to further promote that you are featured on the list. It’s a win-win and the creator who took a chance on including a new artist will feel the positive effects of you bringing in new fans thanks to all of your efforts!

#5 – Start Curating Playlists Yourself!

Not only will your fans love to hear what you’re listening to, you will be a part of the community and build esteem with the influencers you want to be rubbing shoulders with! It doesn’t have to be a one-way street; if you feature a band you love, they might just return the favour on their playlist.

Happy playlist pitching, friends!


Jørn Haanæs is the CEO of Soundrop, the fifth largest playlisting presence on Spotify. is an innovative platform that assists artists in creating simple, elegant and effective camp to market their music, engage new fans and reach untapped audiences. From the team that brought you Soundrop, offers modern marketing for digital music.

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