A better email-for-download tool

The classic email-for-download. A visitor enters their email and receives a download link for the content they requested. It’s simple and it works. No surprise then that it has become a staple of music marketing.

But as we talked to our customers, we learned a few things. Tools exist, but they vary widely in cost, quality and capability. We thought we could help. So today we launched our version of an email-for-download tool.

You can see how it all works for yourself here. And, you can score a free download of the excellent Field Harmonics’ remix of Up by Victories at Sea.

Here are a few things that make our email-for-download tool unique:

Bonus call-to-action

You set out to accomplish a singular goal: acquire a fan’s email address. But what happens once they open the email and download the file? We were obsessed with “next”, so we give you the option to add a second call-to-action to the email your fans receive. Direct traffic where you want it to go and help your fans continue their journey.

Remarketing tags

It’s a simple fact. Not everyone converts. But you can add a remarketing tag to your campaign and reach them later through other targeted ads. There are a lot of reasons people fail to convert. That doesn’t mean you need to lose the opportunity of turning them into fans.


No matter what device your fans use, everyone can visit your Show.co campaign and enter their email.


You pay for the unique emails you collect. There’s no complicated charges. Start your campaign for as little as $5. Better yet, let’s say you exceed the number of emails you expected to collect. What happens then? Nothing. We continue collecting emails for seven days so you don’t miss anything. As with everything we do, we only want you to pay for the value you receive. No surprises. No hidden costs.

Ready to take the new Show.co email-for-download tool for a spin? Just log on and click “Create Campaign”. We think you’ll enjoy it.

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