Secure Audio

  • ✓ Protect your content
  • ✓ Engage your fans
  • ✓ Increase fan conversions

Key features


Our secure audio player uses HLS Streaming, so each track is separately encrypted. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your exclusive content will stay just that.

Conversion Cards

Conversion Cards prompt fans to take an action, adding their email to your newsletter list or follow your profile on Spotify or social networks. It’s the ideal way to turn engagement into real results.


Watch your results develop in real-time. Add remarketing pixels (Gold plans and above) and reach those same fans again using ads on any network.

See It Live

Moby's Hotel:Ambient

Case Study

Loma Vista Recordins

“To the Röyksopp team’s surprise, during the two weeks the campaign ran, they received 5​ times the number of activations​they expected with a strong click through rate of approximately 6%. By using they​c​ould not only share their new track but also utilize more than 100,000 hits t​o the player to drive valuable impressions to their minisite.​”