Email For Download

  • ✓ Get more YouTube views
  • ✓ Increase fan conversions
  • ✓ Collect more data

Key features


Visitors are prompted to enter their email and any additional information you request. automatically collects their location (city, country). Reducing steps for your fans increases your chances of a successful campaign.

The next click

After your fans have downloaded your content, what do you want them to do next? All emails can include also include an extra call-to-action so you can drive traffic somewhere else, like a social media profile.


Watch your results develop in real-time. Add remarketing pixels (Gold plans and above) and reach those same fans again using ads on any network.

See It Live

Ghost Campaign

Case Study

Loma Vista Recordins

“Loma Vista collected more than 4​3,000 unique emails​ and added m​ore than 300,000 people to their remarketing pools within the first week. The campaign received an impressive 6​3% activation rate.​”