Thoughts on the Intersection of Music and Tech

The Future of Discovering and Sharing Music

The digital music marketing landscape is constantly evolving. The ways in which your content is consumed and monetized have multiplied, and the attention span of the average music fan is shorter than ever. How can you keep on top of these trends, and stay ahead of the pack? We sit down for a quick Q&A with our CEO, Jørn Haanæs, to discuss this and more about what we do and why we’re here.

Social unlock made easy

Some months ago we introduced the world to the Spotify follow gate, a great tool to help grow Spotify followers by unlocking exclusive content. Today we're unveiling the next step – social unlocking. The social unlock campaign is a better way to grow your Spotify followers, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers or SoundCloud followers.

Free forever? You betcha. now offers subscription plans starting at the low price of free. Other subscription levels unlock other features and new types of campaigns. And, a free, 30-day trial gives everyone the opportunity to try with no commitment.

Brian Popowitz has forged a long and focused digital marketing career at both indies (Drive Thru Records, Nettwerk) and majors (UMG, Warner). Now he's taking all of his experience and leading marketing and business development at Black Box, a company that is reinventing artist development for the 21st century with a specialized suite of services for managers and independent labels. In this conversation, Brian shares his thoughts about digital marketing, the framework he uses to construct a strategy and how artists can take better control of their careers.

A better email-for-download tool

The classic email-for-download. A visitor enters their email and receives a download link for the content they requested. It's simple and it works. No surprise then that it has become a staple of music marketing.

But as we talked to our customers, we learned a few things. Tools exist, but they vary widely in cost, quality and capability. We thought we could help. So today we launched our version of an email-for-download tool.

Get a Spotify URI the easy way

Spotify is out with a beautiful new update. It's great, but it removes the option to find the Spotify URI, which some API calls require. So we made a tool to help you capture a Spotify URI from a Spotify Link:

A conversation with Jason Hobbs of The Found Group

Want to learn more about remarketing? We did, and so we sat down with Jason Hobbs, CEO of The Found Group. HAIM, The xx, Flying Lotus, St. Vincent and many others have tapped The Found Group to help them with their digital marketing. In this conversation, Jason shares his blueprint for achieving remarketing success and gives actionable recommendations for those of us just starting their own remarketing programs.

Minor updates to

While there were many improvements to the server and infrastructure today, customers will see only a few changes. We outline them right here.

Uptown Funk's gonna unlock it for ya

Now you can use the Spotify Follow button to unlock campaigns.

A conversation with Damien Fischetti

Damien Fischetti is the digital strategist for Polydor France. He's had the fortune to work in digital across diverse industries, giving him a unique perspective on the intersection of music and technology. Here are his thoughts on where music marketing is headed.