New features and pricing

Published on August 18th, 2014

We first rolled out five weeks ago, and we haven’t taken a break since! As we’ve been working with labels, artists, and managers to test the product, we’ve gotten some great feedback, and we’ve been listening.

For instance, one label asked us to require age information when we collected email addresses — and we’re now including that, as well as a field for a visitor’s full name. We’re also adding geographical data to the emails when you download them from the Audience tab. Another label asked for the ability to create campaigns to be launched at a later date — asked and answered, friends. Our other new features include:

  • A new Conversion Card allowing the user to save a track to Spotify
  • The ability to gate content in exchange for an email or Facebook Like
  • Custom labels for Action Buttons so you can easily localize campaigns
  • Autoplay on desktop
  • Advanced analytics for at all campaign levels (Basic and Pro)
  • Playback restrictions based on geography and date now apply to YouTube and SoundCloud content as well as uploaded audio

New Pricing

We’ve also rolled out a new, simplified pricing structure that ensures you’ll pay only for what you need with Starting now, a Basic campaign is $14 per week (or $2 per day, the price of a cup of coffee) and a Pro campaign is $28 per week (or $4 per day, less than the price of a cup of coffee in Oslo). Going Pro allows you to use retargeting pixels, apply restrictions on content, and enables gating.

If you’ve already created a campaign and published it, you’ll have a free two-week Pro campaign. Monthly subscribers will have their subscription plans end at the end of their monthly billing cycle. Annual plans will also end once their current 30-day billing cycle concludes, with excess funds being applied to future campaigns as you wish.

We’ve seen many incredible uses of, including an Uncle Kracker track premiere on, an album premiere from The Acid on and a Beach Boys Twitter campaign. Let’s talk about how we can help your marketing campaigns shine. Feel free to respond to this email and we’ll be in touch.

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