Heavy Hearts

Published on November 13th, 2014

Spotify recently informed app developers that, with the introduction of the new desktop version of Spotify, the App Finder and its apps will be removed. It was a difficult decision but, as a result, we’ve decided to end the existing Soundrop service on December 31, 2014.

The people who use the Soundrop product (we never think of them as simply “users”) deserve time to find a new place that helps them discover and enjoy music together with their friends, and allows them to build new homes for communities they created.

This news is of course disappointing for our fans and partners, but not unexpected by us. At the beginning of the year we transitioned our business to focus on a new marketing platform for labels and artists called Show.co. Much like the Soundrop product did originally, Show.co has quickly gained momentum. Many of the world’s most successful labels and artists use Show.co to achieve stellar results.

As for the Soundrop core technology we’ve already created, we see a tremendous future for several components as well as our playlists in Spotify, which are among the most popular in their genre. We will have more to share on that subject soon.

At moments like these, it’s appropriate to reflect on all the wonderful things we’ve experienced since we launched in 2011 as an unknown company alongside household names like Rolling Stone and Billboard. We couldn’t expect that we’d welcome millions of music fans to our corner of the web and have hundreds of the world’s most prominent artists use Soundrop to connect with their fans.

But those things and more happened, and the only proper expression is gratitude. We’re thankful for the many people who enjoyed listening to music in Soundrop, the partners who trusted us, Spotify and Deezer for allowing people to experience Soundrop on their platforms, and the artists who wanted to create a deeper connection with their fans. You’ve made it possible for this company to find its place in the music industry.

– The Soundrop team

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