Thoughts on the Intersection of Music and Tech

Every artist and their grandma understands that, aside from the music itself, their online presence is the cornerstone of their career. Strong online platforms allow artists to develop genuine relationships with existing fans and consistently bring in new ones. Of course building your following and nurturing those relationships is never as simple as you want it to be.

Ready for the world to hear to hear your brand new track after spending hours in the studio recording it? Not sure exactly how to go about it? You’re not alone! Understanding the moving parts behind a release is half of the battle, and we’re here to help. Let’s honour the time you spent toiling over the tracking process and do this right. This checklist is meant to be used as a resource as you plan your next single release.

YouTube for Indie Artists: Part Two

Last week, we looked at the process of preparing a successful YouTube video (you can read it here). If you’ve already seen it, then great. This week’s guide will focus more on launching your video with a strong impact.

YouTube for Indie Artists: Part One

Music videos are more important than ever when it comes to introducing your band to the world! The low cost of creating serviceable visual content (music videos, vlogs, etc.) paired with the popularity of streaming platforms (YouTube, Vevo, Facebook) has not only made videos accessible to every level of artist, but a vital part of any marketing plan. Whether you’re an independent artist or signed to a major label, you can bet that video content is going to be a primary tool in attracting new fans and selling your product. Of course, like most content streams in the internet age, it can be difficult to ensure you’re getting optimal performance on your own videos. The blog below will help you ensure your hard work isn’t for nothing!

Mailing lists are the golden goose of digital marketing. While they may seem obsolete in the age of social media, they remain one of most powerful tools to engage with and sell to your fans online! Fun fact: According to Convince and Convert, consumers spend 138% more when they receive email offers. Who knew a little extra effort could pay off?! Email marketing is an especially important tool for artists. It’s a great way to connect directly with your fanbase, without worrying that your message gets lost in the haze that is social media.

Grow your playlists the smart way

Over the past year, while we've been hard at work on, we've been quietly updating the Soundrop playlists in Spotify. Today we have more than 66 public playlists in Spotify with almost 1 million total followers. Head over to to find your favorite playlists from the old days of Soundrop, now lovingly curated by our team. And also, for professional curators, we announce the beta of Playlist Sync, which does what the name implies. Read the blog to learn more.

Playlists are how music fans are discovering most of their new music these days, thanks to the current boom of streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Songza, and Pandora. In fact, Spotify users find, on average, 26 new artists a month through the platform. In this post, Soundrop CEO Jørn Haanæs outlines how independent artists get started with a playlisting strategy.

Run better contests with Social Unlock's Social Unlock just got better with two new updates that help visitors opt into contest terms, and help you collect more emails.

The Future of Discovering and Sharing Music

The digital music marketing landscape is constantly evolving. The ways in which your content is consumed and monetized have multiplied, and the attention span of the average music fan is shorter than ever. How can you keep on top of these trends, and stay ahead of the pack? We sit down for a quick Q&A with our CEO, Jørn Haanæs, to discuss this and more about what we do and why we’re here.

Social unlock made easy

Some months ago we introduced the world to the Spotify follow gate, a great tool to help grow Spotify followers by unlocking exclusive content. Today we're unveiling the next step – social unlocking. The social unlock campaign is a better way to grow your Spotify followers, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers or SoundCloud followers.